Saturday, December 10, 2011


Okay, so I have had many great ideas in the past that I believed would be GREAT new inventions! But I had an extreme lack of knowledge on how to execute these "strokes of genius." And so I started scouring the web, in hopes to educate myself on some of the obvious set-backs of creating a new idea or product. Set-backs like funding, and of course, mass production. Upon my web research. I found 2 AMAZING sites that not only solved these problems, but did so in a very easy to understand way! To find funding for your idea, check out This site is awesome! Millions of dollars are DONATED to new ideas by people all over the world! Instead of re-paying the money your project had earned, you offer the donors rewards. It's a MUST see! Now as for the mass production of your product, I have done alot of searching and found

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